YES_09I’m Amanda, an entrepreneur who LOVES the “integration” of her business and her personal life. (I don’t really talk about work-life balance as I think there are different trade offs to be made in business at different times.)  My specialty is providing unique business life coaching that helps you find, and develop your true calling as a work-from-home business owner. I work with men and women, (albeit it does tend to be women) who have the entrepreneurial spirit and the passion to create their own success but on their own terms. My focus is on not yet created, new or existing small business owners and helping them to create a business that allows them to be happy, independent and empowered.

I started this journey after launching Your Executive Secretary, a successful and motivating Virtual Assistant (VA) business when I retired from the Royal Navy after 23 years service.  When I launched my VA business, I trained with the Virtual Assistant Coaching and Training Company (a company I now own).

As a VA and as a Coach, I am personable and extremely efficient, highly motivated, thrive on change and enjoy a challenge.  As a military veteran, my core values underpin everything I do – my commitment, open and clear communication, honesty, loyalty and integrity are what I use in both of the strands of my business.  These attributes mean I can provide the highest client and business care to my VA clients and I coach my mentoring clients to do the same in their businesses.

On a personal level, I am a wife to Andrew and Mum to James and Jacob.  I am committed to growing my business around my life and I am here to mentor you to do something similar – if thats what you are looking for.

10 Things About Me that will give you a greater insight into working with me either as a VA or as a VA Coach, Mentor and Trainer… 

  1. I am a wife to a great husband who is a Mortgage Consultant (and an awesome one at that), who is also a military veteran, Andrew was in the British Army and I was in the Royal Navy – for those in the UK, who have heard of the Army v Navy Rugby Match – it makes for an interesting day in our household every year.
  2. I am a Mum to 2 gorgeous little boys (James and Jacob) and 2 angels – my boys keep me on my toes  I often share their exploits as part of my business – these guys are my “Why”.  My angels were my twins who were born in 2008 but sadly died aged 8 hours – this caused me to re-evaluate life and realise it was too short and it is this that started me on the road to launching my first business.
  3. I am passionate about supporting people in setting up and running their business.  I want to inspire and empower others but to do it authentically and with passion to be successful – recognising that is different for each and everyone of the people I work with.
  4. I still support clients as their VA and love the value and contributions that I can bring to their business.
  5. I use the 24 hour clock when publishing information – it’s not really to be annoying but its the way I have lived my whole adult life.
  6. I am normally found in my jeans and birkenstocks. As a VA I believe we don’t have to be a “suits” person but can adapt our styles to the clients we work with.
  7. I am firm believer in the #gogiver principles and recommend any business owner reads Go Giver by John David Mann and Bob Burg – it’s my number one business book and if you haven’t yet read it please do.
  8. My last job in the military was in Belgium and consequently I love Belgian beer and Belgian chocolate!
  9. A random fact for you – I suffer badly with sea-sickness, you would think after 23 years, I would have gained my sea legs but no!
  10. I am known for saying “Awesome” a lot!



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